The Greater Menomonie Development Corporation (GMDC) provides companies expanding in the greater Menomonie region with the expertise needed to support their growth.  

The GMDC Team:

  • Coordinated site selection, financing, and site planning and permitting
  • Connects you with the educational and technology resources that will help you grow
  • Introduced you to local, state, and federal leaders who may offer guidance or assistance with your expansion or relocation into the greater Menomonie area

Incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1957, the GMDC promotes economic development by working to establish new wealth and job growth for the City of Menomonie and Dunn County.

 The GMDC’s successful efforts continues to help expand the economy, create new employment options, and improve the quality of life in the City of Menomonie and throughout the surrounding region.

The GMDC is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation that is funded by regional private sector companies, and public sector organizations. The majority of funding is allocated to business development and business and industry retention, followed by marketing, partner support, and administration.

GMDC Mission:

To create and support a business and industry climate that fosters responsible economic growth within the City of Menomonie while supporting regional economic activity.