Cost of Living in Menomonie Is Below the State and National Average

A high quality of life doesn’t translate to a high cost of living in the Menomonie area of Wisconsin. With housing, utilities, and transportation costs well below state and national averages, living in the Menomonie area means residents reside in an affordable location with access to incredible amenities.

Menomonie Area Has Low Cost of Living, High Quality of Life

Living in the Menomonie area means affordable housing. With housing costs more than 30 points below the national average and 20 points below the state average, residents in Menomonie have the opportunity to rent, buy, or build their homes knowing they can afford to live where they work. When the time comes to sell or upgrade, Menomonie residents have enjoyed a nearly 40% appreciation in home values in the last 10 years.

A major stressor for families is the budget: allocating hard-earned dollars for housing, utilities, groceries, and more. In Menomonie, residents can rest easy knowing that budget items such as heating, cooling, electricity, and food are below both the state and national averages.

Living in a beautiful, rural area oftentimes requires a bit of driving time: driving to work, school, activities, and leisure time is another budget item for families. The cost of fuel, insurance, and maintenance is much less in Menomonie than national and state averages, which means residents cannot only afford their commutes to school and work, but can also afford to enjoy the numerous recreational activities in the area. Come explore the beautiful neighborhoods and housing options that the Menomonie area has to offer!