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Mission Statement

To create and support a business and industry climate that fosters responsible economic growth within the City of Menomonie while supporting regional economic activity.

Key Strategic Objectives of GMDC are to:

  • Coordinate the City of Menomonie’s business and industry Retention and Expansion program
  • Act as a single point of contact for business and industry seeking to grow within or relocate to the City of Menomonie
  • Coordinate site selection, financing, site planning, and permitting
  • Connect business and industry with the educational and technology resources
  • Introduce business and industry to local, state, and federal leaders who may offer guidance or assistance with expansion or relocation into the City of Menomonie
  • Develop and promote the community’s Virtual Spec Building program

Benefits of Working with GMDC:

  • Access to professional economic development expertise and assistance
  • Site Selection services for business and industry looking to expand or relocate to Menomonie
  • Promotion of land within the city for industrial, commercial, and residential development
  • Access to and facilitated correspondence with local and state officials to support business and industry needs
  • Marketing of available land on local and state web sites and databases
  • Access to partner organizations and resources to support business and industry needs
  • Promotion and recognition of GMDC financial supporters

Member Contribution Support

Operating as a private nonprofit corporation, the GMDC was formed for the sole purpose of promoting, encouraging, and supporting positive economic development growth in the City of Menomonie and to support regional economic development activities.  The GMDC’s ability to provide these services to the business and industry community relies upon building strong public-private partnerships. 

By contributing to the GMDC you are contributing to the economic vitality of the community.

Funding Levels

  • Corporate Partners: $1,000 
  • Civic/Commerce Partners: $250 (non-profit/civic oriented business)
  • Individual Partners: $50 (individual or retired businessperson)

To become a supporter of Greater Menomonie Development Corporation please contact us at