• The Industrial Park is 1 minute from Interstate I-94 interchange via a 4 lane County Highway
  • I-94 connects northwest Wisconsin to the Saint Paul/Minneapolis market to the West and runs to Madison.
  • I-94 connects to US-53 a four-lane divide highway to the east. US-53 is the major highway running northward to Superior/Duluth.
  • I-94 also connects with US-29, a four-lane divide highway, that runs due east through the north central portions of the state to Wausau and eventually to Green Bay.

Electric Utility

  • Xcel Energy Serves the Industrial Park via its’ Red Cedar Substation is <.5 miles southwest of the site and has two 28MVA transformers, both at <50% capacity.
  • 12.5 kV distribution lines from the Red Cedar Substation serve the site
  • The site is adjacent to 4 transmission lines: a 161kV source running from the east and the west along the southern site boundary which can accommodate 30 MWs of load and two 69kV sources running into the substation from the north and east.
  • Rusk Substation (potential secondary service) is ~1.5 miles east of the site and has one 10 MVA transformer; Rusk has a 12.5 kV distribution feeder (totally diverse from that from Red Cedar), which could provide 1MW to a new user.
  • Xcel can build out additional capacity in a 12 – 24-month timeline

Natural Gas

  • Xcel Energy has a regulating station located in the NE corner of County Rd B and 708th Avenue.  A 6” steel 300 psi main runs down east side of the Industrial Park
  • 6” steel 150 psi line runs from Xcel station along North side of the Industrial Park to feed another regulating station.

Water and Wastewater

  • City owns 3 wells with 5.4M GPD total capacity (at 40% capacity; 2.1M GPD average) and 3 elevated water tanks with 1.9M gallons total capacity
  • 16” main runs along County Road B from Packer Drive NE to 650th Ave


  • Treatment plant has planned capacity of 2.88M GPD; currently operating at 55% capacity
  • 10” gravity sewer line runs along 650th Ave to County Road


  • A regional stormwater pond has been constructed off site to service the industrial park