4 Common Beliefs Every Entrepreneur Should Question

11 Apr 2022


Entrepreneur is a tough road that can travel through some dark places. After some initial success, many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck and confused, in a place where they question who they are, where their business is going or when they’ll get there. Some are surrounded by self-imposed walls they’ve built to help deal with the grind of building a business. The walls are too high to climb over and too deep to burrow under. The only option is to knock them down. 

Mike Malatesta is an entrepreneur who found himself in what he calls the “valley of uncertainty” while running his first company, Advanced Waste Services, Inc., which he sold in 2015 after growing it since 1992. Now a strategic advisor with ERC Midwest, LLC, an industrial clearing company, Malatesta wrote about the wake-up call he received in the valley in his book, Owner Shift.

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