Economic Development Week Kick-Off In The Greater Menomonie, Wisconsin Area

Economic Development Week Kick-Off In The Greater Menomonie, Wisconsin Area Main Photo

10 May 2023


The Greater Menomonie Development Corporation (GMDC) celebrates Economic Development Week (EDW) starting May 8th. Economic development in Central Wisconsin has been thriving, and EDW is the perfect time to show off the fantastic achievements of the Greater Menomonie Development Corp.

Economic Development Celebrates Greater Menomonie, Wisconsin’s Success

Created by the International Economic Development Council in 2016, EDW helps increase awareness about local economic development programs. Whether the program produces job opportunities or improves a community’s overall quality of life — it is essential to regional growth. 

The GMDC provides companies expanding in the greater Menomonie region with the expertise to support their growth.

  • Coordinated site selection, financing, and site planning and permitting.
  • Connection with the educational and technology resources that will help you grow.
  • Introduction to local, state, and federal leaders who may offer guidance or assistance with your expansion or relocation into the greater Menomonie area.

“Economic development involves not only attracting new businesses but also supporting existing businesses as well as creating a supportive environment where they can grow,” said Senior Planner Josh Miller. “Economic development touches nearly every facet of a community from business development to housing and childcare and is a vital part of the health of a community.”

EDW offers an opportunity to celebrate the efforts of economic developers and the local leaders who work around the clock to boost the local economy and improve the quality of life of the community they serve. The GMDC works to provide assistance and resources to local entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and international companies. GMDC’s efforts support local companies’ retention, expansion, promotion, and regional workforce development. 

The GMDC IS Here For You To Grow Your Business

The GMDC’s mission is to create and support a business and industry climate that fosters responsible economic growth in the City of Menomonie while supporting regional economic activity.

GMDC staff leverage their extensive experience working with local, national, and international businesses to provide services and resources to create a thriving community. Partnering with the GMDC offers companies excellent location benefits, a strong workforce, and quality incentives while having community support for your business.  

Creating new business opportunities involves working with experienced economic developers who prioritize speed-to-market. The GMDC prides itself on its ability to help local, national, and international businesses expand and grow their business in Central Wisconsin. Contact the GMDC to learn more about the resources available and the many ways we can help.