UW-Stout alum and Menomonie native Jessica Cook links business degree, passion for apparel at Swannies Golf

17 Oct 2023


At first glance, Jessica Cook’s career and education don’t seem like a match. She designs golf apparel for the trending, Minnesota-based company Swannies Golf but has a degree in business administration.

Cook’s career and degree link together nicely, however, because she took advantage of the Polytechnic Advantage at UW-Stout. When she graduated in 2021, she had an emphasis in apparel design, taking hands-on courses in what is now the university’s fashion and retail program.

Like a matching golf polo and shorts or skirt, she paired two programs and used that power to  jump-start her career. “I genuinely love my job. It’s awesome to be part of something that’s really grown the past few years, apply my education to a company and see the impact it has made,” Cook said.

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