Valley’s Colleges, Universities See Positive Signs in Fall Enrollment

26 Sep 2023


The University of Wisconsin System recently reported an important positive trend in student enrollment, a first in about a decade: This fall’s enrollment numbers increased compared to last year’s for the first time since 2014. In the Chippewa Valley, colleges and universities say they’re also seeing positive signs in a number of enrollment categories.

Chippewa Valley Technical College has experienced a decade-long first this fall, with the current 2023-24 full-time student enrollment (FTE) sitting at 2,102, a 3% increase over last school year. With a total student count of 7,588, overall student enrollment is also up 2%.

“After the universal dip in enrollment in 2021, we have seen a steady rebound in the last two years and are now showing our highest FTE count since 2011,” said Joni Geroux, CVTC’s vice president of strategic communication and community engagement. “We believe our efforts to meet students where they are, help them connect to each other and their community, and give them solid foundations for their careers, among other things, has led to this growth.”

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