Banking on Prosperity: How WESTconsin Credit Union, Bremer Bank, and Dairy State Bank Help Shape the Economic Landscape of Menomonie

Banking on Prosperity: How WESTconsin Credit Union, Bremer Bank, and Dairy State Bank Help Shape the Economic Landscape of Menomonie Main Photo

1 Feb 2024

In Menomonie, Wisconsin, three financial institutions are pillars of community support, economic development, and financial education. WESTconsin Credit Union, Bremer Bank, and Dairy State Bank have not only weathered the changes of time but have actively shaped the future of Menomonie, contributing to a prosperous community where financial wellness is a shared goal.

Local Roots and History

WESTconsin Credit Union: 85 Years of Trust and Growth

WESTconsin Credit Union proudly traces its history to Menomonie, where it began in 1939 with a humble $2,000. Despite growing to serve 28 counties across Wisconsin and Minnesota, the credit union maintains a "small-town" feel rooted in loyalty to members and a commitment to the values shaped by its Menomonie origins. This commitment has been instrumental in shaping WESTconsin's identity, emphasizing a personalized approach to banking.

Bremer Bank: A Legacy of Service Since 1903

Bremer Bank's roots run deep in Menomonie, dating back to the Bank of Menomonie in 1903. Over the years, the bank's commitment to the community has remained unwavering. Their recent remodel echoes a dedication to preserving history and embracing the future of Menomonie, creating a physical space that mirrors the bank's commitment to evolution and continued service.

Dairy State Bank: Going Strong For 70+ Years

Dairy State Bank (DSB) was founded in 1952 by a group of local businessmen in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, recognizing the need for a second bank. The initial capital investment came from local residents, fostering a strong sense of community support. Many of the families involved in the bank's inception continue to be owners, showcasing a longstanding connection with the community.

The bank's growth over the years led to the establishment of multiple locations, including Haugen, Prairie Farm, Birchwood, Menomonie, Cumberland, Turtle Lake, and Bloomer. With more than 70 years of history, DSB has become one of the largest locally owned community banks in west central and northwestern Wisconsin, boasting over $700 million in assets.

Community Engagement and Support

WESTconsin Credit Union: People Helping People in Action

WESTconsin Credit Union's commitment to "people helping people" is not just a motto but a guiding principle deeply embedded in their actions. In 2023, their team dedicated over 4,200 hours to volunteerism, participating in nearly 800 community events. Whether through sponsorships, donations, or partnerships, WESTconsin goes beyond the traditional role of a financial institution, reflecting a genuine investment in the well-being of Menomonie.

WESTconsin acknowledges that its success is not a solitary achievement but a collaborative effort between dedicated employees and the members they serve. This collaborative spirit reflects the essence of Menomonie, where collective actions drive success. By emphasizing the importance of working together, WESTconsin fosters a sense of community beyond banking transactions, creating lasting relationships built on trust and mutual support.

Bremer Bank: A Commitment to Community Partnership

Bremer Bank sees community partnership as fundamental to its mission. The recent remodel of their Broadway Street branch is a physical upgrade and a renewed commitment to Menomonie. Through volunteerism, leadership roles, and active engagement in nonprofit organizations, Bremer’s employees contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Menomonie.

Founded by German immigrant Otto Bremer, the bank was built on his belief that if banks helped businesses in good times and bad, communities would thrive. Bremer’s purpose to cultivate thriving communities reflects this belief, and they work every day to partner with the people who grow our food, strengthen our economy and support our communities.

Dairy State Bank: Engaging the Community

DSB's commitment to community engagement is evident through its employees' active involvement in various service organizations and projects. From preparing meals at homeless shelters to supporting local nonprofits and contributing to the maintenance of public spaces, the bank prioritizes giving back. Employees' volunteer efforts have evolved into long-term relationships, contributing to the development of stronger communities.

Financial Education and Wellness

WESTconsin Credit Union: Bridging Financial Gaps through Education

WESTconsin Credit Union doesn't just provide financial services; it invests in the economic well-being of Menomonie. Sponsoring financial education workshops, offering free financial coaching, and providing accessible online resources, WESTconsin is shaping a community where financial literacy is the key to a secure future. By actively engaging with local schools, they ensure that the importance of financial education is instilled early on, fostering a generation of financially empowered individuals.

Bremer Bank: A Full Spectrum of Financial Support

Bremer Bank's commitment to helping Menomonie residents and businesses reach their financial goals goes beyond traditional banking. With a full range of services—banking, mortgage, investment, wealth management, and insurance—Bremer is a financial ally empowering individuals and contributing to the economic growth of Menomonie. Their comprehensive offerings ensure that the community's diverse needs are met, promoting financial stability and prosperity.

Dairy State Bank: Banking on Relationships 

DSB has benefited from the ability to form valuable relationships and networks with a large number of business professionals. These connections have provided opportunities to brainstorm ideas, share success stories, and collaborate on initiatives to strengthen and strengthen the community. The engagement of employees in volunteering has further fostered long-term relationships, contributing to the bank's success.

Future Goals and Growth

WESTconsin Credit Union: A Financial Institution for Everyone

WESTconsin's future goals revolve around creating a financial institution where everyone feels welcome and genuinely valued. Extending its reach to new communities, fostering a collaborative workplace culture, and aiming to be recognized as a top employer, WESTconsin is dedicated to the continued prosperity of Menomonie. By focusing on inclusivity and recognition, they aim to build a financial institution that truly reflects the community's diverse needs.

Bremer Bank: Constant Evolution for Community Stewardship

Bremer's commitment to constant evolution focuses on enhancing the customer experience and being good community stewards. The recent remodel reflects their dedication to Menomonie, and the encouragement for community members to provide feedback and ideas reinforces their commitment to being a bank that listens and adapts.

Bremer Bank's recent remodel, featuring partner tables replacing traditional teller lines, is a testament to its commitment to being a welcoming and collaborative space. They aim to help customers solve their most challenging problems, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared success. By creating an environment that encourages open communication and problem-solving, Bremer aims to be more than just a bank but a partner in the financial well-being of Menomonie.

Dairy State Bank: Purposeful Growth To Expand Reach

Dairy State Bank's future goals revolve around achieving growth while maintaining a safe banking environment in the communities it serves. The bank aims to expand into markets that complement its existing footprint, ensuring sustained progress and prosperity for both the bank and the communities it operates in.

Empowering Residents, Fostering Growth, and Creating a Strong Community Together

The stories of WESTconsin Credit Union, Bremer Bank, and Dairy State Bank are woven into the fabric of Menomonie, shaping its economic landscape, fostering growth, and creating a community where financial well-being is a shared goal. As the Greater Menomonie Development Corporation, we celebrate these financial institutions for their pivotal role in driving prosperity and contributing to the vibrant future of Menomonie.