Got game design? Madison event highlights state’s, UW-Stout’s strengths in growing industry

29 Nov 2023


In Wisconsin, where the advertising slogan “Got Milk?” is borderline a state motto, could people someday be asking, “Got game design?”

If the annual M+DEV game developers conference held recently in Madison can be used as a barometer, certainly the Badger State is moving in that direction. About 750 people from around the country attended to highlight and to build on strong industry connections that already exist.

One of the state’s game design connections is UW-Stout, which was well-represented at M+DEV and was a lead sponsor. Nearly 80 students, faculty and alumni from the university’s nationally ranked game design programs attended. Students displayed seven of their games and several students, with alumni, led a panel discussion. Plus, a student — with a cow-based animation project — and a professor brought home the event’s three major art awards.

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